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    Telehealth is the caring for healthcare needs via telecommunications.  It includes telemedicine, which is basically practicing curative medicine, only, via telecommunications. Telehealth is a broader field, then, which is  growing greatly, and which now includes:

    1) Telemedicine

    2), and Preventative Medicine via telecommunications

    3) Remote Monitoring (new and growing)

    4) Specialty Consults (, , ,  , etc.)

    Remote Monitoring  will see much growth in the coming years, mostly due to the factors of convergence of wireless, broadband, smartphones. as described by Eric Topol MD in his.

    Patients can have their blood pressure, heart rhythms, oxygen saturation, pulse, activity level, glucose monitored remotedly by sensing devices and applications, in addition to the telecommunication with the healthcare provider.  Since chronic diseases cause the majority of health care expenditures in America today, remote monitoring will be an increasingly method to improve the overall care in a preventative manner, and be an important boon to healthcare, lowering costs, and increasing the quality of care..

    Until recently, telehealth was concerned manly with patients who had extreme difficulty with access to health care options, such as rural areas, and third world countries.  But with the advent of the broad implementation of remote monitoring, all segments of the patients are poised to reap the benefits of this technology.


    Designed specifically for home health providers caring for individuals with chronic disease. Waldo is the companion that easily connects clinicians with patients at home.

    How Telehealth is being Used in Australia

    Telehealth Overview 2012 California

    “Now everyone wants a doctor in Bangalore.”




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