Mayo Clinic has a state-of -the-art patient application, that sets the bar for other patient app programs.  Mayo Clinic is also a trailblazing leader of Social Media in Medicine.  Excellent App.


      It streamlines the admission process, and is transparent.  It also provides patients and consumers access to health information and management tips from Mayo’s Web and on-line publications , a list of clinical trials at Mayo, and links to request an appointment at any of thieir locations.

    For a Mayo Clinic patient, personalized, secure secure access to their medical record, an up-to-date appointment schedule, lab results and exposure to the Mayo Clinic campuses and local community.

    Diagnosia.com mainly is a European drug search engine.  It has connected with many European government agencies, and will one of the more important medical applicaations in Europe.  .  This medical application is meant solely for physicians, and is a cool app.




    DrawMD uses the potential of the iPad to the max, or should we now say Mini!  Excellent teaching tool from doctor to paitent, their family, etc.  Covers all systems, for just about all specialties.  Excellent patient education tool, which is perfect for todays enpowered patient.

    MediGuard is a free medication monitoring service designed specifically for patients – allowing them to take a more active role in their treatment through:  screen for interdrug reactions compatibility, updates, feedback on side effects, etc.  Patient imput contributes to the all-important “Big Data”


    The users guide to prescription drugs.  A similar idea to “Patients Like Me”, in that it is a fact gathering site from patients, to report any benefit, or harm done by a patient.  It is actually not a medical application, but an information site, to research drugs, and to report side effects, and succeses.

     Clarimed is one of the first healthcare rating websites.  The site presents fact-based evalutations of  medical devices, diseases, procedures and manufacturers. Founded by MIT bioengineer and McKinsey & Co. veteran Nora Iluri, Ph.D., Clarimed is  the first independent rating agency for healthcare, and, specifically, for medical devices,  and is independent of any vested interest of the medical community, or private interests, such as devicde makers, but truly represents the Patient’s voice.

    Adverse Events, Inc.  is a website,  and  the only provider of up-to-the-minute, critical, potentially life-saving information regarding side effects associated with FDA-approved prescription medications.

      is ” a one-stop federated search engine designed for professional medical researchers. It enables users to quickly access information from a multitude of credible sources, including deep web content not indexed by popular search engines.”

    “Mednar offers access to an array of databases that are simply not mined by other health search engines and features a dependable email alert service that enables users to keep up on the latest publications on the medical topics of their choice,” said AltSearchEngines reviewer Hope Leman. “Mednar is the Secretariat and gold medal winner of medical search at this point.”

     What is Federated Search?

    This is very, very important in doing a medical search, so one should understand the concept, for an effective, deep search for medical information.  And see the video. 

    Federated search, in short, is a deeper, more effective seach than Google, and is of a higher quality. One difference is that it does NOT include outdated stuff, and searches databases that Google does not. For more info on Federated Search, visit  .
    See the following video to see why a “Federated Search” is important.



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