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    Education… has produced a vast population able to read but unable to
    distinguish what is worth reading, an easy prey to sensations and cheap
    Trevelyan, G. M.

    Brochures, Materials, and Handouts Will be Shown

    “Medical Information from the computer is NOT for decision-making, but for decision support”

    This page will show that tremendous leveraging power of the internet, in this page about Patient Education.

    In pre-internet days, the patient was dependent on personal experience for health problems, or the experience of family, friends, etc. But now, the patient is given the option of searching the internet for health information, getting online brochures, materials and handouts  (for specific sites, go to Patient MedInfo Page).    No longer is a NURSING responsibility.  The patient no longer has to depend upon the hurried doctor visit to cram in a question or two, but is able to be educated, and perhaps, with the evolving relationship with the doctor, be able to engage the doctor with more targeted questions, and make the time spent with the doc more efficient and fruitful.    In addition, some of the websites on health information may be above the level of understanding of some patients, but there is sure to be creation on the web, of sites that are aimed at various levels of education and computer expertise. Where there is demand on the internet, there will be creation!

    Patient Education also takes the form of the internet being used by providing videos to patients, prior to surgery, so that the patient can fully understand the procedure which will be performed.  See the following video on Balloon Angioplasty, as an example of this powerful way the internet is helping the quality of healthcare for the patient:


    There is also a good resource of patient video education at this site:

    It has fantastic videos, tutorials, which would be perfect for the new patients of today, who is taking more of a role in their  healthcare.

    See how this program works at this Illinois  clinic website

    The patient of the Internet Age, can benefit greatly by this., and many doctors will also see the virtues of this excellent software.


    -leading edge technology site,  excellent patient teaching site for patient undergoing orthopedic surgery






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