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    Patient Consult Sites are websites that a patient will use for medical consultation, usually by phone.  Videochat, or Teleconsults are also covered, where the patient communicates with the healthcare provider by visual means.These websites are becoming more popular with patients of today, due to lower costs,convenience, and the increasing trust and gradual intergration of the internet into people’s lives.  However, there are some precautions both the patient and healthcare provider need to exercise, for a good outcome.  One of these scenarios, obviously, involves the same kind of judgement that doctors have always used with the telephone, that of not trying to treat conditions, in which a face-to-face encounter is needed, as in a possible emergency
    .By listing these medical web services, this website does not guarantee the veracity of such site, and does not endorse any particular site.  We at greenpramukacity.info are not responsible for any medical advice, or treatment received at any of the below websites.  The patient needs to exercise caution, and proceed accordingly. Caveat Emptor, please.
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    Video Consults in all 50 states. Have to have a subcription, about $10/month, and pay about $40 per visit. Here’s a video outlining their service.

    Refills from U.S. Doctors for misplaced, forgotten prescriptions.  QuickRxRefills.com is not a replacement for an office physician and QuickRxRefills.com is not an online pharmacy.

    Online phone consults with physician from your state.  No controlled substances, or emergencies.

    Video, telephone, and email consultation with U.S. Physician, or Board Certified Pediatrician

    Will send in e-prescription to your pharmacy, and will treat by teleconsult or phone cult, the following maladies for $44.95
    Will treat: Abrasions , Allergies, Bites and stings, Body aches, bronchitis, contusions, cough, dehydaration, diarrhea, earache, fever, flu symptoms, frostbite, hives, insomnia, itchy eyes, lice, nasal congetion, nausea, respiratory infections, sinus symptons, skin infections sore throat, sprains, typical headaches, urinary tract infections, vomiting.    Definitive treatment may not be rendered, if it is determined by doctor, after consulting with patient, that patient may need to physically see a doctor.

    Strickly a medical information site; You ask a medical question of a specialist, who answers, online, and allows two follow up answers.  No treatment rendered, but a medical opinion from a specialist of your choice.

    One of the larger online medical services, the Boston-based Company is headed by experienced healthcare people, the Schoenberg brothers. The service provides video, phone, and email consultation, and does accept insurance.

    FREE Service Medical Questions Answered by Doctors in Email.

    Started with a group of Harvard Doctors, this service, which supposedly has the doctors in the top 5% of the country, offers second opinions about your medical care.

    The doctors go through your record of medical care, and adjust it as needed.  Paid for by employers, or by individuals.

    Search for any health topic and watch short, clear, single-topic videos from local healthcare providers

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    Video Spoof of ‘Ask Your Doctor”



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