One pleasant surprise of researching this page, is the number of high-quality, educatial, leading edge Orthopedic Video websites.  Video is becoming the way to learn many things, as Mr Kahn and his academy have realized, and this hand internet technology is making its way into medicine.

      in the words of the, “The Video Journal of Orthopaedics puts you in the operating room with noted surgeons from around the world. You’ll discover ways to use new technology, new techniques and expand your field of knowledge. The VJO lets you experience the latest techniques first hand through high-quality, professionally edited digital video. Original peer-reviewed videos examine established surgical techniques, as well as introduce new techniques and technologies important to the orthopaedic surgeon.”

    Hospital for Special Surgery: Musculoskeletal Videos

    -from SuperDoctor Mike Wittig MD, Orthopedic Oncologist of Mt. Sinai, in New York; leading edge Orthopedic Oncology Website, with education, easy patient interaction and other stuff

    Howard Luks , , and

    -Dr. Luks is a , who encompasses the internet in his practice, and is one of the most web-savvy Orthopedists on the net

    Skiing anyone?

    -more than 200 videos; must subscribe, costs moolah, but looks GOOOOOOOD!

    -leading edge technology site, from these Orthopods?  Who let the dogs out?  Excellent teaching site for patients

    -excellent library from Orthopods and Sports Medicine Docs from New Jersey


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