Combination PET/MR scanners are an exciting field of use in oncology, to use for locating a tumor, with a lower radiation level, by combining the images from both the PET scan and MRI at the same time.

    So far, this combination of imaging studies is experimental, but shows great promise, where is it being developed at the University of Oslo.  Digitalization of  data allows this combination technology to be created.

    Radiation is decreased and image quality is improved.  Oncologists see a , since it halves the radiation.

    Scientists from Yale are reporting on a new biodegradable nanogel that is capable of delivering    The combination of the both helps to foster the body’s immune response, and lowers the cancer’s cells defence.  It has been shown in studies to aid with fighting malignant melanoma, but scientists feel it will be effective in other cancers, too.

    “We believe this is a paradigm-changing ,” said, a bioengineer at Yale and the project’s principal investigator. “In essence, it’s a one-two punch strategy that seems to work well for melanoma and may work even better with other cancers.”

    This combination method has  already approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which should ease further studies, and approvals.

    Most radiation oncologist know that Proton therapy has is very accurate, but also very, very expensive.  This new improvement of proton therapy has been streamlined and simplified, and costs greatly decreased by this new system.  It is thought that the huge cost decrease may cause more use of this accurate radiologic tumor therapy.

    It has been approved by the FDA.

    has provided yet another avenue in ways to diagnose disease.

    In this study, an exhaled breath is  analyzed for microscopic biomarkers. , much in the same fashion as the.  The sensor chip is able to distinguish a few molecules of the disease biomarker amongst the billions of other biomarkers.  This is yet another example of the exploding field of nanotechnolgoy, and nanomedicine.  Currently, this technology is being focused on ammonia testing in the breath of diabetic, to see if , but it is thought that this technology will be able to be applied to other disease diagnosis.

    It is theorized that microscopic biomarkers may be exhaled in all types of  disease, including lung cancer, and microbial infections of the GI tract, and it is thought that this technology may broaden in its range of use.



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