• Neurosurgery Robotics

    Robotics in Neurosurgery
    NeuroArm Robotic Brain Sx
    Robotic Spine Surgery
    Virtual Similation/NS Robot
    Stereotactic Neurosurgery Robot

    The use of robotic technologies to assist surgeons was conceptually described almost thirty years ago but has only recently become feasible. In Neurosurgery, medical robots have been applied to neurosurgery for over 19 years. Nevertheless this field remains unknown to most neurosurgeons. The intrinsic characteristics of robots, such as high precision, repeatability and endurance make them ideal surgeon’s assistants. Unfortunately, limitations in the current available systems make its use limited to very few centers in the world. During the last decade, important efforts have been made between academic and industry partnerships to develop robots suitable for use in the operating room environment.



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