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    “Emotional Intelligence in the Health Sector”

    Creator of NEUROSOCIETATEM RN, Caracas Area, Venezuela




    “Facebook Live Q and A” April 30, 2017



    Abdul Rana MD, Q and A: March, 2017

    Abdul Rana MD, Neurologist fro Toronto, Parkinsonism Expert, does Q and A

    Andrew Wilner MD, Brown Neurologist, and Medscape Neurologist, discusses “Opoids and Epilepsy”>

    Jerome Lisk MD, Board-Certified Neurologist, from Los Angeles, talks about “Movement Disorders”


    A.R. Rana MD, Neurologist from Toronto, Canada, talks about the non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease”


    A.R. Rana MD, Neurologist from Toronto, Canada, talks about the Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease”

    A.R. Rana MD, Neurologist from Toronto, Canada, talks about the Difference between “Parkinsonism” and “Parkinson’s Disease”

    A.R. Rana MD, Neurologist from Toronto, Canada, at 10:30 pm ON SPEECH DISORDERS in Parkinsonims

    Neurosurgical Interventions in Parkinsonism, Including Deep Brain Implants

    Urinary Problems in Parkinsonism, by Dr. A.Q. Rana

    “Drooling in Parkinsonism” by A.Q. Rana MD

    “Constipation in Parkinsonism”, with Dr. A.Q. Rana MD, Neurologist from Toronto, Canada

    Parkinsonism and Sleep Disorders

    Dustin Kinch talks about making this app, “Cerepro”, which is about rehab for Traumatic Brain Injury

    Andrew Wilner MD speaks of his book, “Bullets and Brains”

    Sean Orr MD, talks about Brain Enhancement, and the NeuroEconomy


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