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    Today’s Medical Student is ahead of his elder medical colleagues, as far as understanding the use of the internet in Medicine.  The medical student of today grew up around the internet, and has, most likely,used this tool extensively in learning, and in life.  Therefore, most students do not have to be taught how to download medical apps, or how to send an attatchment of an file, or to “Google” a rare disease.   The student knows how to use the internet, and how to leverage its power.  Using  a computer is second nature in the to the Med Student.  (See a video of how at UCSF)


    In addition, there is the ease of having medical questions answered.   With the aid of the omnipresent computer, the med student has, virtually, the best medical library in the palm of the hand.    In addition, a medical seach is helped by various applications and programs that make searches more targeted, and generally easier, than a general search.  For example, a prime example of this is a website dedicated to digital inforamtion in all subjects for medical student, in the following links, by a pediatric radiologist, Michael D Allexandro MD from Iowa

    Gone are the days of spending hours, going through card catalogues, and stacks of medical magazines.

    Mr.  James Michener, pictured above, author of South Pacific, and many other novels, would not have had to  make a beeline to the card catelog today, but simply log on to his iPhone!

     Moreover, the Medical Student understands the internet.  It has been proven that people do not like what they do not understand, which puts the older doctors at a distinct disadvantage, as far as utilization and understanding of this technology, compared to the med student of the Internet Age, who will easily integrate into the internet changes that have been brought about by Internet Medicine.

    New Med Students Given Ipads First Day of Class


    In August, 2012, University of California at Irvine, became the first medical school to go all digital, as far as learning for the class ow 2012. See the STORY behind the sure-to-be first wave of schools adopting Internet Medicine full blast.

    The curriculum of Medical School has also changed due to the digitalization of Medicine.   There is more reliance on self-study, watching videos, and listening to lectures.  Face time is reserved for real teaching, and problem-solving,  and not lecturing.   Currently in Medical Schools, there is less emaphasis on lectures, and more self-study, using internet tools like videos.  This is, more or less the “” type of approach to learning through multiple small videos, a highly acclaimed approach favored by none other than Bill Gates.

    To see the approach of the “Kahn Academy” see the following video.

    -in all areas; literally HUNDREDS OF THEM!!!

    -designed for Medical Students rotating through ER






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