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    One thing one has to ask is: When the heck does a medical student find time to blog?  As most know it is an incredibly busy time of your life, with long hours, little sleep, especially the third and fourth years of school when you take call.  But this generation of medical students has been raised on the net, and using the keyboard is second nature.  Reading some of these blogs is very informative, sometimes entertaining, and very interesting.  Please send in any blogs that you feel are good, and we will post them.  Remember, OPEN SOURCE!, and you are this websites peripheral sensor!

    Get used to hearing about this budding entrepreneurial med student from University of Oregon Medical School by way of a bioengineering degree from UC at San Diego, Roheet Kakoday MD.  He not only writes an original thought-provoking blog, but seems to have a budding entrepreneurial bent; he is working on re-designing the user interface of  what he feels is a clunky Epic EMR; good luck, Roheet, you deserve this banner, and what stocks are you investing in?



    Great Medical Student Blog


    A Five Star Blog: This Med Student Missed her Calling as a Journalist

    Interesting Blog of Pennsylvania Med Student, Female, who just had a baby!

    These blogs are picked from Blogs that attempt to teach Medical Students, and are not written BY Medical Students

    From UC at Irvine; pioneer of digital based medical educatiion

     Josh Herigon

    has a med student blog section

    – Awesome blog by an MD/PhD student

    – First year medical student who also enjoys cooking and photography

    – Love this girl!  She is super real and writes not only about med school but health and fitness

    – Canadian girl/Australian medical student and health and fitness lover ?



    -yes, as you innocent med students will learn, if you have not by now, a GOMER can stand for Get Out Of My Emergency Room, which was probably based on a tired residents thoughts, after he began seeing the same faces

    in the ER that he saw in his favorite bar.  Great humorous blogs, such as one about the resident who ate for free for years, because he would order food for a patient on a ventilator, who could not eat, so he ate for free!  See it !


    Who said Med School is all work and no play?  Recent State Med School graduates, Jim Class of 2013, and Jeff, Class of 2013 beg to differ, and are partying until it is 1999!  Hey, that was years ago!  Anyway, they look forward not having to lock horns with the Med School dean, because of their unusual sense of humor.  They both collaborated on an App that could look up skirts, with a peripheral device, but they had a hard time convincing the dean this medical device has medical applications.  So, now they are on their road to work like slaves for a few years, Jim for a new residency of Pathology combined with Funeral Home Services, and Jeff heads off to a Radiology Fellowship,  before he starts his residency.  Good luck, boys, although with their looks of hospitial savvy they will not need it!!




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