A Wide Variety of Lab Blogs


    Like any area of Medicine, one can glean a lot of information about that particular field by going through web diaries, or “blogs” written by insiders of that particular field. Frequently entertaining, the lab blogs may also be informative, and funny.  Some are anonymous, and, for obvious reasons, they seem to be the most honest, and direct, as well as funny.

    A Networking Blog from Lab Workers from all over the world.  Free!!

    From the Mayo Clinic featureing “Case of the Week”.  Stays on top of new developments in the Internet Medicine Pathology field.

    Blog of surgical path resident,  
    Follow his blog to trace his career.  Represents the new age of Internet Pathology.

    Fred V. Plapp, MD PHDInvites sharing of lab experiences, and wants to have an online community.

    India Blogger,

    Sumer Sethi an original award-winning blogger likes to speak with pathologists about cases.

    An IT healthcare specialist writes about information technology as it relates to healthcare. Easy to understand.

    Written by the CEO of  , a company that makes ePathology, a system for path labs also teaches basic digital skills.

      has formed an extensive lab blogging network

    Blog of , a school of thought about the Healthcare system.

    Medical Microbiologist in Canada concerned with quality control.





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