Infectious Disease Websites



    Infectious Disease Websites Aid the viewer in finding information about this diverse, interesting field.  A recent addition to the web, is the first website, the Image Library of Infectious Disease, which is a tremendous addition to web resources, and will most likely improve and expand from its now-beta state.   is a great addition to the filed of epidemiology, since it shows outbreaks of disease in almost real time, all over the world, thanks to advances in communication provided by developments in wireless and mobile internet.

    -new website, on of the best sources for info on Infectious Disease; utilizes web to further world understanding of infectiious disease; must register, but great images, if you like infectious disease; if not, be careful, not for faint of heart; very interesting informative, eduational site, with case presentations, question answers sections

    -have to register

    -probably the most comprehensive website on the Web for Infectious Disease

    -Vaccinations Programs

    -for CME!  And free!

    (click on map, to see BIG map)

    Any outbreak of any infectious disease is immediately reported, enabled by the Internet Age, as shown above


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