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    The field of Infectious Disease is well-represented by a diverse array of blogs, which, more or less, held the viewer to understand as to what is Infectious Disease doctor in the day to day functioning.  Examine the following unusual blog, “The Febrile Muse”, which has to be one of the most eclectic blog in all of medicine, examining references in literature to infectious disease, even hunting down references to Lyme Disease!

    Wow, what a way to start the day.  Deeply thoughtful blog from a Pharmacist that has an obvious talent for writing, which she does for a fee on Elance..  Loves Literature and Infectious Disase.  Wrote a blog post called “Of Lice and Men”.  Bet she has read the Pus Whisperer, by the following guy.


    By a Pediatric Infectious Disease Doc from Connecticut

    clinical infectious disease

    In Mark’s words, he “…he blogs and podcasts and writes on the most endlessly fascinating specialty in all of medicine”.  Matter of fact, so fascinating, he put together a collection of blogs, and had it published.

    His book is called the , and is available on Amazon.

    His full name is Mark Creslip MD, from Portland, Oregon.  Mark further states, “…Every day I make infectious disease rounds in the hospital and see at least one cool case or learn something new. 25 years and I still do not know everything. Why be selfish and keep all of that wonder and knowledge to myself? This blog will be a mostly qod account of days events, a cool ID case, a referenced pearl, and a minimum of 1 horrible, yet ultimately feeble, attempt at humor. I write these at night or in spare moments. There is always someone who will quibble about spelling, punctuation or grammer. My response is live with it. It’s a blog, not Mandel.”

    University of Chicage Medical School Infectious Disease Blog

    By Paul Sax MD of Physician’s Watch

    Parents of Kids with Infectious Disease Support/Info Blog, bent on Education of Infectious Disease, aimed at Parents

    Stantford’s, usual excellence with this infectious disease blog

    Penn Medicine Infectious Disease Blog

    Bacteria research, and some other odd stuff

    Says it all, but infectious disease is also spoken about

    -by Dr. Lorraine Cramer, who teaches undergraduate microbiology and immunology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    infectious App


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