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    For this website, i-Health refers to the administrative side of Internet Medicine, as well as the use of information and communication technology (ICT), such as computers, mobile phones, communications satellite, patient monitors, etc., for health services and information. For reasons of discussion on this website, mHealth refer to the use of mobile devices in the healthcare field.

    The popularity and power of the internet is hitting the Healthcare industry broadside, and each area of i-Health needs to be isolated and analyzed. The internet, hopefully, will have the overall effect of “streamlining” administration, leading to less confusion, less  man-hours,  and less cost. The days of the writing are numbered, and everything is headed to a digital state. Some doctors, and healthcare administrators are fighting digitalization, but that also happened when ‘telephones’ came into being in hospitals. Phones were deemed as “unsanitary”, and “full of germs”, and causing impersonalization, and some doctors resisted their use.
    Now, for organization purposes of i Health, let’s break it down:

    Key application areas of i-Health:

    1) Healthcare Reform (“Obama Care”)

    2) Healthcare Providers

    3) Goverment

    4) Managed Care

    5) Medicare/Medicaid

    6) Information Technology

    7) Health Informatics

    8) Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

    9) Telehealth

    Each topic, as it pertains, or is affected by Internet Medicine, will each be discussed in this section.

    To see the importance to understand the Health Care system, and its runaway costs, see the below chart:


    Note that from 1992 to 2000 healthcare costs, during Bill Clinton’s administration, stayed stable!

    Now, since Obama has just been elected, Obamacare will be enacted, which means implementation of the programs that he started, such as ACO”s, and mandatory healthcare insurance for all. This also means

    changes to tax legislation. Whether you have health insurance or not, I’d advice to accurately determine what you may or may not have to pay.

    Health care costs, as one can see, tripled in the past 20 years.

    VA on Cutting Edge of Tecnnology: Good website of

    Written by at Washington University School of Medicine, to try to simply the confusing US Health System.

    Great Healthcare Blog, from the best, Jeff Goldsmith

    Must Read PDF: Jerry Goldsmiths, “

    (For Future of Healthcare 2010-2015, download the Heath Care Executives Power Pont Presentation, )

    Ending this page, with a quote from the CEO of Kaiser Permanente, which pretty well acurately sums up the state of

    our health care system..

    ‘Health care is characterised in the US as an expensive plethora of uncoordinated, unlinked, economically segregated, operatively limited microsystems, each performing in a way that too often creates sub-optimal
    performance, both for the overall health care infrastructure and for the individual patients.’ ‘
    George Halvorson, CEO Kaiser Permanente, 2007.


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