• Spatial reveals their cross-reality collaboration platform, Using cutting-edge AR technology, users can experience remote workspace through realistic holographic teleportations.

    Spatial was founded in 2016 and has raised $8 million (USD) in seed funding from investors including iNovia Capital, Expa (founded by Garrett Camp), Lerer Hippeau, Leaders Fund and Samsung NEXT.
    Its a team of 3D Design and AR/VR experts based out of New York and San Francisco.

    Now, The Company is ready to reveal their platform after spending two years, that allows users to transform space around you into a shared augmented workplace.

    It uses virtual avatars of remote users so they can collaborate, search, and share pictures, notes and ideas as if they were in the same room.
    The platform can run on a range of AR headsets, including the Magic Leap and Microsoft’s HoloLens. Donning your headset and chat with co-workers or colleagues and also manipulate the virtual objects in 3D space.
    The platform also includes a voice-driven  3D web browser, so you can search or explore your ideas with your colleagues or team members, without having to remove your headset.
    Those who have high-end AR headsets they can collaborate in real time but those who don’t have or lacking necessary hardware they can join a live session from a standard desktop or mobile device for a more conventional conferencing experience.
    “Spatial has built the most advanced augmented reality platform available today,” says Todd Simpson, Partner at iNovia Capital, in an official release. “This is a game-changing technology that will undoubtedly advance the future of work, and more broadly, the future of computing.”
    “We are harnessing the power of augmented reality to create a combined digital and physical world that will change the way we work together,” said co-founder and CEO Anand Agarawala.  “With Spatial, collaboration becomes an immersive 3D experience where you can express ideas visually by just saying them, organize thoughts in the room around you and never let space confine your work.”
    For further information Check out , and visit  for more AR/VR news.

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