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    ER Docs certainly like to Blog.  There are a virtual “blogapalooza” of blogs out there, written by Emergency Physicians, perhaps because the subject matter is so interesting.  It is in stark comparison to say, cardiologists, who are relatively tight-lipped when it comes to blogging, and there are not that many.

    -one of the best blogs of any speciality; , an ER doc from Down Under, heads this site; dynamite info site for ER stuff, also has directory of podcasts.  Dr. Cadogen is very active in teaching, doing Medical Infomatics, and eveything ER; he will be heard from in the future in Internet Medicine in the ER.  See Mike’s opinion on what are the out there.  Here is a list of from the site.

    is an InternetMedicine.com i-Star, given to individuals, websites, hospitals, or any other institution that levages the internet in a supreme way to improve healthcare.

     So,  ok, not a doctor but ER Nurse; give her both an MD and ACEP Ceritification for this ballsy blog

    Podcasts, videoblogs for CME Credit in ER guys


    And, now, drum roll

    Introducing the Newest Kid on the Block, and we will watch the kid grow, a new blog composed of Dutch ER guys, visit the site and contribute!



    -Actually, this is a Twitter Account veriation, but a hoot and holler, nevertheless, notwithstanding, etc.  Very, brutally honest, including a Phrase, “Determing patient satisfaction, is like determing a childs satisfaction with the parents”

    -a funny blog, wit with a true barb

    -written by an Dr Minh Le Cong who works for Flying Doctors of Australia



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