dermatology devices

    The most serious problem that dermatologist face is malignant melonoma. Malignant melanoma, if caught early, is 100% curable. There is now an FDA approved device, called the ““, which can be used to diagnose early melanoma, in suspicious lesions, non-invasively. If the lesion is suspicious after the Melafind exam, of course, a definite biopsy is performed. But this dematological device can effectively diagnose lesions BELOW the skin surface, which does aid the dermatologist.
    The Melafind station consists of a dock and the probe which takes the images to be analyzed.  The machine is based on based on a guided-missile navigation system—will find suspect moles faster, easier, and more accurately than ever before. 
    This device is a welcome addition to try to diagnose melanoma early, since it kills an average of one person every hour, and it is, by and large, a very preventable cancer.
    Here follows a video whch shows how the Melafind works:


    One device which affects Dermatologists, which is sure to spead to other specialities, is the Electronic Medical Assistant. Created by the collaboration of a founder of the tremendous education education platform, Blackboard, Daniel Cane, along with a dermatologist, created this device. It allows the dermatologist to take pictures of lesions to attatch to the patients charts, as well as supply an individualized template designed to save time for the busy Dermatologist.



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