University of California at San Diego with great videocasts about Dermatology, such as “We are itching to tell you about Pruritus!”

    well-known dermatologist in Beverly Hills, cha, cha, cha.  Markets her own skin products.  No residency in Derm, but did do Peds, and Anesthesiology

    MORE thatn 700 videos!

    Again, LOTS of dermatology videos

    Short vids for almost any specialty, including Dermatology




    Excellent video explaining the basic dermatology terms, such as macule, papule, exfoliation, erosion, pustules, vesicle, bullae, etc.

    Excellent short videos from University of Utah, showing most minor dermatology office procedures; must download the videos to view, but worth it

    Dermatology Videos: Collection from YouTube




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