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    Aging is being combated on a few fronts, that show promise; in Genomics, Stem Cell Therapy, and in Nanomedicine.  Aging, many think, is considered a disease, from molecular malfunctions of the body, and, of course, fatal.  Now that molecules are being manipulated through the sciences of Genomics, Stem Cell, and Nanomedicine, there is hope that aging may be slowed, or even arrested!

    Ray Kurzweil PhD, of “The Singularity is Here”, said that, in his paper, ““.  for infectious diseases, “…the infectious microorganism can be exterminated. No need for antihistamines, cough drops and a week-long course of antibiotics. The physician keeps several generic classes of nanorobots in her office for just such a circumstance. Using a desktop appliance in her office, she programs billions of nanorobots to find, recognize and destroy the particular microbial strain. The nanomachines are suspended in a carrier fluid that the patient inhales into his lungs, after which the mobile devices march down the patient’s throat, propelled on tiny legs. Following a search pattern, the nanorobots ingest and destroy the harmful bacteria they encounter using mechanical and chemical phagocytosis. The patient feels nothing: nanorobots are the size of bacteria, which constantly crawl on and inside the body without ever being noticed. After several minutes, the physician activates an acoustic homing beacon to guide the nanorobots back into the patient’s mouth, where she retrieves them through a collection port on the tip of the homing device. A further survey with the original diagnostic probe reveals no evidence of the pathogen.”

    And, of course, with elimination of infections, life is prolonged.  Furthermore, regarding aging, Kurzweil continues, “…In recent years, many gerontologists have begun to think of aging as a genetic disease that might be cured. New evidence from the Human Genome Project suggests that just a few hundred genes at most may be directly involved in aging. If we can completely understand these few genes and how they work, we may be able to alter them to eliminate this unwanted syndrome. Using cytosurgical nanorobots, corrected genes could be installed in every one of the 10 trillion tissue cells in our bodies. We would then no longer naturally age, and our bodies would again repair themselves as well as they did when we were children.”


    Ray Kurzweil goes on…”  



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