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    January 26, 2016: Jorge de Silva Marinte: “3D Printing in Surgical Planning

    Ric Izzo Phd To Be, of the Jacobs Institute to Be: “3D Printing in Cardiology”

    Feb 3rd, 2014: John Hornick, Author, “3D Printing will Rock the World”


    Feb, 20154: Mark Ten Laan MD, Neurosurgeon from the Netherlands: “3d Printing in Patient Education”

     Selene Parekh MD: “3D Printing for Foot/Ankle”
    Ciprian Ionita PhD of Jacobs Institute: “3d Printing in Vascular Neurosurgery”
    Carrie Stern MD, Cosmetic Surgeon, presents her Platfor, MirrorMe3D

    Jemma Redmond Presents Google Award Winning Low-Cost, Bioprinter



    Yaser Shanjani PhD, Stanford Fellor, “3d Printing in Regenerative Orthopedics”


    Jose Baena, of Spain, presents, “3D Printing in Orthopedics”

    Jean-Manuel Notias, of Vizua3d.com: “Converting DICOM to 3D Prints for Medical Education”
    Jon Schull PhD of The “Enable Community” talks about his Organization and Low-Cost Prosthetic Hands”


    Marci Zenobi-Wong PhD, of ETH Zurich, talks about “3d Printing and Cartilage Regeneration and Engineering”

    Eric Gatenhold Presents his company, CELLINK bioink and Bioprinters for 3D Bioprinting

    3D Printing Neurosurgical Education: Devin Bradburn of SaskInvent of Canada

    January 26-29

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