• Your health insurance is incredibly important, which is why the idea of being dropped by your insurance company is so concerning. Your health insurance provider can, unfortunately, drop you and it is both legal and possible for them to do so. In the United States, a health insurance company’s behavior is regulated by laws on both the state and federal level. However, that doesn’t mean that those laws are clear to clients.

    It’s important to familiarize yourself the fine print of your health insurance so that you understand the specific details associated of your plan and what exactly could lead to your specific provider dropping you.

    However, there are three scenarios where your health insurance company will almost always drop you.

    Something changes with your employment

    Most people get their health insurance through their companies or place of employment. This means that the main criteria required for you to keep your health insurance is for you . If you quit your job, you will also lose your coverage. Also, coverage is often based on an employee’s full-time status, so if something changes and you lose your full-time status, you may also lose your health insurance.

    When you lose your coverage through your job, you will want to secure new coverage or gap coverage very quickly. You may be able to sign up for , which can let you extend your employee health insurance coverage for a set amount of time after your job ends (often around 18 months). You will have to pay for the premiums and a small administrative fee to extend the coverage.

    Losing your health insurance from your job, whether you quit or are fired, qualifies you for a Special Enrollment Period. This means that you will be allowed to buy coverage outside of the Open Enrollment Period. This coverage can start the day after your work coverage ends.

    If you require extra coverage, you can purchase a Medigap plan at . This additional health insurance allows you to buy insurance that will cover health care costs that are not covered by Original Medicare.

    You commit fraud

    This should be seen as a given, but if you the insurance company can cancel your coverage immediately. Insurance fraud is an act that is done to get a benefit that you are not entitled to. This also covers any insurance claims that are filed to defraud an insurance provider.

    You don’t pay your premiums

    Another no-brainer, but if you fail to or refuse to pay your premiums, then your insurance company has the right to drop your coverage. If your coverage is through your employer, this may be done automatically for you. However, if it’s not automated and you do not pay, then you do run the risk of being dropped. Some providers do offer a grace period on premium payments, especially if you have contacted them and are actively trying to arrange payment. However, this is not the case for all insurance providers.

    Your insurance company can no longer drop you if you become very ill. In 2010, the ACA () made this an illegal practice for any policy written after September 2010. If your policy was written before this date, read the policies and fine print to see if your company can drop you for becoming ill.




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