• You are practicing excellent dental care: brushing your teeth, floss regularly and visiting your dentist two times a year for cleanings and checkups. These things are great to keep your mouth healthy, but your bad oral habits can ruin everything. Here are some terrible oral habits that can affect the health of your teeth.

    Sipping, Sucking and Crunching

    While slurping down your ice tea or ice-cold soda, you will chew leftover rice. The cold temperature and brittleness of ice cubes can fracture your teeth. These can make microscopic crashes in the exterior of enamel that could increase the chances of serious dental problems.

    Similar to ice cubes, popcorn kernels can put excessive stress on your teeth. You can’t sip sugary soda during the day. The consistent exposure of acidic and .

    If you want to avoid these problems, you must replace ice cubes with crushed ice in your drinks. Eat healthy snacks, such as apple and baby carrots to get the advantage of chewing. If you want to drink soda, you can use a straw to decrease its exposure to teeth. Adjust the straw toward the back of your mouth instead of putting it on your teeth.

    Don’t Use Teeth as Tools

    Patients often rely on their teeth for different jobs, such as tear a bag of potato chips, pull out a stem, uncap the bottle of nail paint, rip off price tags and straighten a tine of a bent fork. These habits can affect your teeth and traumatize them. These habits can harm the edges of teeth and cause a fracture.

    Think twice before putting anything in your mouth. You can’t use your teeth as tools. Make sure to keep pliers and scissors near you to manage this work.


    Smoking is a destructive habit for your oral health. It will not only cause discoloration of teeth but also become the reason of bad breath. Smoking can decrease the strength of your jawbones, increase the chances of oral cancer, inflamed salivary glands, and gum diseases.

    If you want to protect your teeth, it is essential to break this bad habit. It is not easy to quit smoking, but you can get the assistance of your family, friends, and doctor.

    Thumb Sucking

    Thumb sucking can affect the alignment of your teeth. If your child sucks his thumb, he is actually putting pressure on his teeth. They are misaligning their new teeth. Thumb sucking can increase the chances of deformities in the roof of their mouth. It is your responsibility to break this bad habit and save them from several oral complications. In several cases, you may need the assistance of and child therapists.

    Biting Nails

    With this habit, you are damaging your teeth and exposing your mouth to bacteria (lives under your nails). Biting anything (other than food items) increases the danger of chipping and cracking teeth. You are actually inviting external bacteria in the mouth. It will increase the chances of sickness and infections.


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