• If you are caring for a loved one who is living with dementia, you will want to provide them with the help and support they need to enjoy the best quality of life. However, as their condition progresses, they might become more dependent on you for care.

    To ensure your friend or relative never loses their dignity along the way, find out how to support a loved one who is living with dementia.

    Install a Tub Transfer Bench

    Many people are vulnerable to slips and falls in the bathroom. As a result, they might need further assistance when stepping in and out of a bath or shower. Help them to maintain their dignity in a bathroom while providing greater support by installing , so they will feel safe and comfortable from start to finish.

    Sit Down When Feeding a Loved One

    If your friend or relative needs mealtime assistance, you should never feed them standing up. Instead, you must sit down next to them at eye level, which will convey compassion and patience. It can also help you to develop a more personal and trusting relationship, as they will not feel you are looking down on them.

    Always Knock Before Entering

    It’s important a loved one holds onto as much independence as possible, which is why you should never barge into their personal space. Show your friend or relative the respect they deserve by knocking before entering, which will help them to preserve some dignity.

    Cover a Catheter Bag

    If your family member or friend needs to use a catheter bag each day, help them to maintain their dignity by placing a bag cover over it. The affordable items can be purchased online and can hide the fact they are dependent on the bag to others.

    Help Them with Grooming

    Ensure your loved one never loses their self-respect by helping them to look their very best every day, even if they are resistant to your care. For example, you should help them with everyday , such as brushing their teeth, changing their clothes, and bathing.

    When possible, try to care for their hair, clothing and even their makeup. If you are caring for a gentleman, ensure he is neatly shaved each day. Put yourself in your loved one’s shoes, as you would more than likely be grateful if someone cared for you the same way.

    Respect Their Preferences

    Never walk into a room and flip over a channel or radio station. People living with dementia might have limited communication, so they might not be able to express their disappointment with your actions. The song they could be listening to could be their favorite band or singer from many years ago, and it could trigger memories that could lift their spirits and help them to remain lucid.

    Keep Their Personal Products Out of Sight

    Support your loved one by keeping their personal products out of sight, such as their medications, incontinence items, or a commode. It will help to preserve their privacy, which can avoid embarrassment during this difficult period in their life.


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