• The yield from your garden will be determined by the effort that you put in ensuring you have the best crops planted in your garden. The type of crops you choose and the maintenance are the critical aspects in production, and therefore the choice of seeds must be carefully made, and a proper plan on weeding, pruning, and other practices must be laid down for maximum yield.

    When/ what to plant
    Fall Gardening can be viewed in two dimensions; Planting of winter/cold season plants or planting cover crops that prevent soil erosion. Whenever you think of planting for a fall harvest, a gardener should think root vegetables and leafy greens. Leafy greens and root vegetables will thrive in cold weather and shorter fall days. In some regions, these veggies will survive the winter season and even produce another harvest. When or in the south, one can grow those crops and even those that do well with heat.
    Late August is an appropriate month for setting tomato or root veggies while cool temperatures can be planted by the end of September when it is cold. Fall is also a proper gardening season in the Pacific Northwest. Here there is an abundance of freezing temperatures, which are ideal for brassicas, root crops, and leafy greens. If well protected, some of these crops can survive into winter. For instance, row covers/ cold frames.
    Tools Needed

    1. Leaf Blower: The leaf blower is used to get leaves off your walkways and any other places they should not be. That is done by merely blowing them away. We have gas and electric mowers. Gas powered blowers have more power and more efficient than the electric powered ones.
    2. A Rake: This is a gardening tool used to gather debris. They come in different sizes depending on the manufacturers.
    3. Gardening Attire: A good pair of boots is appropriate to protect you from injuries and to get dirty with mud and sometimes water. Gardening hand gloves are worn to protect the hands from injuries, water, and mud. Protect your head by wearing a hat. That will give you shade by safeguarding direct scorching sunshine.
    4.    Leaf scoffers: Otherwise called bear claw leaf scoopers are used to grab tons of leaves and put them in the garden bag. Using this tool is fun. (Read the tools review on .)
    5. A : is always useful when it comes to gardening to carry the materials needed to their respective areas.

    Most of the mistakes that people do are due to lack of relevant knowledge on how to go about gardening. You must get information from the experts and look for the one who will guide you through the seasons on what to plant. Maintenance of the crops is a critical ground that will ensure you get the best results; when to plant, the kind of pesticides to use and other best farm practices that you can use for maximum production. You need an expert to walk with, someone who you can call whenever you want to make any decision on your garden.


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