Every man who has experienced or is undergoing erectile dysfunction understands that this is a painful experience. For those yet to get there, erectile dysfunction is an experience in which one is not able to keep or get an erection for sex.

    This occurs to almost every man occasionally, but when it becomes so severe that you realize over a long period of time you are not able to enjoy sex, it is something that requires your attention.

    There are few surprising reasons you might be having erectile dysfunction and few of those have been explained below.


    The first culprit when you suffer from erectile dysfunction is depression. Sometimes you cannot tell if you are undergoing depression and so to know how your health is faring it is only advisable you visit a doctor for some diagnosis.Depression could lead to lack of interest in sex, which is manifested through the lack of the energy to gain an erection.

    High cholesterol

    High levels of cholesterol lead to atherosclerosis, which is a scenario in which arteries get narrowed and clogged, thereby impairing blood flow. If this happens and the arteries in the penis are affected, there will not be enough flow of blood to give you an erection and if you are lucky to get one it will not be sustainable. Therefore, make sure to avoid foods that are high in cholesterol.


    What smoking does is that it damages your blood vessels. Your penis also relies on blood vessels for supply of blood during an erection and this can lead to difficulty getting an erection.


    When you have feelings of stress and anxiety, your brain is affected largely. During sex, the penis is not the only organ that you need to make it possible, but your brain as well should be free of any stress and anxiety. Someone with stress or anxiety will most likely suffer from erectile dysfunction for this reason. Of course there are other chemical processes that lead to this, but we might reserve this for another comprehensive article covering stress and sex drive. During times when you are stressed, as you pursue other medication options, it is advisable to try libido enhancement drugs like .


    If you have been taking medicines for a certain ailment, you might have experienced some side effects. In most cases, antipsychotics and antidepressants cause low libido. This is also the trend observed with epilepsy medicines, cholesterol-lowering medicines, and high blood pressure drugs. So check if you are using any drugs as this could be one of the main reasons you have erectile dysfunction.

    Gum disease

    Yes, you read that right. Periodontitis infected gums raise the risk of erectile dysfunction and according to a study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it was observed that there existed a link between ED and gum disease. As experts will advice you, gum disease shows you have poor health. Overall good health is necessary to have the energy to get and sustain an erection.


    If you regularly cycle for long hours, you might have already affected your perineal nerves. During cycling, perineal nerves and blood vessels are compressed, and this could result in nerve damage, which ultimately leads to erectile dysfunction. If after cycling you experience some numbness or tingling around your penis, you need to take some break or consider adjusting your riding position.

    As you have seen, even obvious activities like cycling could damage your libido. It is necessary that you observe your health and the things you engage in to ensure you don’t put your sex life on the line. If you happen to suffer from erectile dysfunction, make sure to visit a medical professional for advice.



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