The medical community has designated diabetes, a disease that affects more than 30 million Americans, as a “silent killer.” Many medical authorities believe that the incidence of diabetes in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. Medical statistics reveal that 9.4% of the population has been diagnosed with diabetes, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that 80,000 people died from the disease in 2016. Diabetes also has a number of comorbidities, including heart disease, hypertension and kidney disease, which substantially increases the serious nature of the disease.

    Diabetes is also an expensive disease to treat. The cost of test strips and other alone is enormous. According to the CDC’s most recent National Diabetes Statistics Report, the estimated direct and indirect costs associated with diabetes treatment in 2012 was $245 billion. This alarming figure doesn’t even account for the reality that 24% of the more than 30 million diabetes sufferers have not yet been diagnosed. The cost of diabetes related early deaths and lost productivity are also not reflected in the available cost estimates.

    FDA Approves Breakthrough Diabetes Device

    The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a promising diabetes device. The device, which was developed by Abbott Laboratories, is called the Freestyle Libre Flash. The device provides a continuous glucose monitoring system that eliminates the need for adult diabetics to regularly use a needle to prick themselves to measure blood glucose levels. The device had previously been approved in Canada and Europe.

    The Freestyle Libre Flash relies on a small wire that is inserted under the skin to record glucose measurements. The device allows users to wave a mobile reader over a sensor wire to determine whether glucose levels are high or low. Diabetic patients can employ the device to monitor glucose levels any time of the day. The glucose measurement device can be worn for up to 10 days after completing an initial 12-hour start-up period.

    Medical Breakthroughs

    Abbott Laboratories’ new device isn’t the only advance in medical technology on behalf of diabetics in recent years. Medtronic introduced a major breakthrough device for type 1 diabetics a year or so ago. The pancreas of a type 1 diabetic produces little or no insulin.

    The MiniMed 670G is the first FDA approved closed-loop system that both measures blood glucose levels and administers insulin. The revolutionary device relies on a sensor and a needle that is slipped under the skin to measure blood glucose. It is believed that the MiniMed 670G will substantially reduce the possibility of hypoglycemia resulting from the over administration of insulin.

    Tech giant Apple is developing a non-invasive glucose measurement device that works in conjunction with the Apple Watch. The company introduced its Health app for Apple Watch users in June of 2014.

    The medicines available to diabetics have also improved dramatically in recent years. SGLT-2 inhibitors work in the kidneys to block glucose absorption, allowing type 2 diabetics to eliminate excess glucose in their urine. Type 2 diabetics comprise 95% of diabetes cases. SGLT-2 inhibitors also promote lowered systolic blood pressure and weight loss. Even more advanced medications are currently under development.

    Diabetes can be a catastrophic disease, but advanced test strips and diabetes supplies are making a real difference in the lives of America’s diabetes population. Diabetics can be thankful that drug and device manufacturers are continually making strides in the ongoing quest to treat and manage diabetes.

    Read more about this breakthrough here: https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/10/08/news-flash-the-fda-just-approved-a-breakthrough-di.aspx\




    -Marc Kaplan

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